How can I pay for my ticket at offers you different options to pay for your air ticket.


What are the advantages of using rather than buying a ticket at a Call Center?

  • can help you find the best rates for your destination, especially if you don't need to fly on specific dates.
  • Using the flexible date calendar, you can enter the date you prefer and the calendar will indicate the lowest fares for up to three days before and three days after the selected date.
  • Airline ticket purchases at are country-specific and offer benefits such as: price quotes in your local currency, local promotions for flights leaving your country, access to payment methods available in your country, the possibility of making payments in installments and other options.


When I buy my tickets on, does the tax calculation vary depending on the portal of the country where I am located?

When you purchase on, we recommend that the country portal you are purchasing in, be the same as the country from where your flight is departing.

For example, if you wish to buy a ticket departing from Miami, you should buy your ticket from the United States portal. The reason for this is that taxes vary depending on the portal where the ticket is purchased, and if you buy your ticket from a portal in a country other than that from which your flight is departing, when you arrive at the airport you will be charged the taxes that were not included when you purchased your ticket.

If your country's portal is not on, choose the portal Other countries portal. 



What are the payment options available on

You can take advantage of the facility to buy your tickets directly with the following forms of payment. Remember that, when buying your tickets, you must pay for them in the same currency that you quoted.
Learn more about the payment options, currencies, credit cards and options for installment payments that are accepted at in the Payment options section.





What are the additional charges that could apply when buying my ticket?

When purchasing your tickets at our Airports, Sales Offices and Call Center, an administrative fee will be included in the total cost of the air ticket. Local taxes may apply on the charge in some countries.

For additional information visit the Administrative Fee section.  

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