What can I do through the My Trips platform?

Through My Trips, you can:

  • View the details of your trip
  • Print or export them to your electronic planner (electronic agenda),
  • Pay for reservations made on copa.com,
  • Check seat availability and select your seats,
  • Pre select a seat to a fixed price,
  • Consult our baggage policies associated with your trip,
  • Request food and special services,
  • See how many miles you will accumulate on a trip,
  • Consult or print your receipt,
  • Rent a hotel or car,
  • Buy travel insurance,
  • Make an offer for a seat in our executive cabin
  • See the list of all your reservations created on copa.com (only for those passengers who have a ConnectMiles profile account on copa.com).

We remind you that reservations made through our direct sales channels do not need to be confirmed.

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