What is the FlyUp Business Class Upgrade Program?

FlyUp is a program where you can choose to be promoted to business class and enjoy benefits such as: entrance to the Copa Club, special attention in the Executive Cabin, priority boarding and more baggage allowance.

This program offers two ways to choose to purchase an upgrade to business class: 

  • Post a bid for a variable amount 
  • Make an immediate purchase at a fixed price.

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How does the FlyUp Business Class upgrade program work on Copa Airlines?

The FlyUp business class upgrade program works automatically if your flight has available business class seats and after awarding complementary upgrades to our PreferMembers passengers in the ConnectMiles program. Once the aforementioned conditions are met, you will be receiving an email in which you can select from the following options:

  • Choose how much you want to pay to get a promotion. After placing the amount, you want to pay, you will receive a confirmation 48 to 12 hours before the departure of your flight indicating that you have obtained the promotion as long as the amount offered is the highest value.
  • You can also opt for an immediate purchase upgrade (Instant Upgrade) where you will receive a confirmation up to 24 hours after making the purchase, indicating that the upgrade has been granted.
  • In case you do not want to make a purchase through our website, you can pay for an upgrade at the airport on the day of your flight departure depending on the availability of Business Class seats.


Where can I make the purchase of an upgrade to Business Class with FlyUp?

You can make the purchase in different ways once you have purchased your ticket:

  • From the main page of copa.com, from the option of Book your Trip with your reservation code and surname
  • Through our page dedicated to promotions
  • Through our promotional FlyUp email
  • At the airport the day of the flight.


What criteria does the FlyUp upgrade program use to determine executive cabin upgrades?

Promotions to business class through the FlyUp program are not guaranteed. They depend on the availability of empty executive cabin seats once ConnectMiles PreferMembers passengers are promoted. Then, the highest value offers will be those that will get the promotion.



What are the requirements to choose to purchase an upgrade to Business Class through the FlyUp program?

Copa Airlines gives its passengers the option to purchase business class upgrades for a unique experience in their class.

In order to participate in this program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have purchased a valid ticket on Copa Airlines
  • Having purchased an economy class ticket
  • Have an email address registered in your reservation
  • Not having a ConnectMiles PreferMember status
  • Being over 18 years old.

The restrictions for purchasing an upgrade to business class on Copa Airlines are:

  • Tickets issued with a promotional fare
  • Sponsorship and/or employee air tickets
  • Tickets with mileage upgrades
  • If you're traveling with infants and children.
  • Passengers with tickets purchased 24 hours or less from their flight.
  • Passengers traveling with pets
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