Where can I get information on the cause of the delay?

At Copa Airlines, we have a policy of keeping our passengers informed of all changes through pre-established announcements made every 30 minutes.
However, feel free to go to any Copa Airlines counter to request more information.



What should I do if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Before the trip

  • If you received notification of a schedule change or flight cancellation, you can check the status of your reservation in My Trips using your reservation number. If your new itinerary is convenient, you do not have to take action.  If the itinerary does not fit your needs and you are traveling in the next 48 to 72 hours contact our Call Center.
  • If you do not travel in the next 48 to 72 hours, please wait for a closer date to contact us, because our call centers and social networks are receiving more than the double of calls and requests that we usually receive in our service channels, which has impacted the waiting time for attention.

We are taking the necessary actions to improve our service and to be able to provide you with an expedite attention as soon as possible.

At the airport

  • Most of the airports we fly to, have the flight information display system where Copa Airlines flights are periodically updated. Our staff in the gates provide verbal information about the flights, including announcements before boarding and about any delays or cancellations.
  • In the event that a flight is cancelled, delayed or brought forward, or if a route is altered or a connection is missed, we will provide you with re-accommodation options based on the policies established in each particular case.


Will Copa Airlines compensate me in any way while I wait?

At Copa Airlines, we have a policy of providing amenities to our passengers who have been affected by changes to our regular operations due to maintenance or crew issues.

These amenities are based on the length of the delay and the passenger's cabin class and PreferMember status.
Please approach any of the Copa Airlines counters for additional assistance.


My flight has been delayed and I am a PreferMember /Business Class passenger. Can Copa Airlines place me on another flight?

Copa Airlines will place PreferMembers and Business Class passengers on other Copa flights that have an earlier or equivalent departure time as the delayed flight.

For more information, please contact our Call Center for further assistance.

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