Does a child traveling with one parent need both parents' consent?

In some countries, passengers under 18 years old can leave their country if :

  • Traveling accompanied by both parents.
  • Traveling accompanied by one parent and holding notarized authorization from absent parent.
  • Traveling accompanied by one parent which holds the sole custody of the child, must show legal proof authorized by a judge. In case of death of one of the parents, must hold the death certificated of absent parent.
  • Traveling unaccompanied or accompanied by adult other than parent or legal guardian and holding notarized authorization of both parents.

In some Spanish speaking countries, if document are not in spanish, authorized translation into Spanish is required.

To avoid any inconvenience while traveling with children, Copa Airlines always recommends to check with the relevant authorities of the country you are departing from and traveling to, to make sure all the requirements needed to travel are met. International documentation requirements may vary depending on your destination.

For more information visit Requirement for minor section.

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