What happens if I don't present a negative test result for COVID-19 to enter Panama?

If your final destination is Panama* and you don't have the COVID-19 test when you arrive, you will be subject to a rapid test at the airport before check-in at immigration, whose cost will be the responsibility of each passenger. The cost of the test is USD 50.00.

Depending on the result of the test, the following measures will be applied:

  • Negative result: you must not perform mandatory quarantine.
  • Positive result: the passenger must comply a 14-day mandatory quarantine at home or in a hospital hotel designated by the Ministry of Health.

*Effective March 31, 2021, passengers arriving from South America with final destination Panama:

  • Upon check-in at the airport of origin, must present a negative PCR or antigen COVID-19 molecular swab test performed 48 hours prior to arrival in Panama.
  • Upon arrival in Panama, they must undergo a PCR or antigen swab test for COVID-19 prior to check-in at immigration, at their own expense and comply with mandatory quarantine.

If you are in transit through Panama and will be staying within the international area, you must have the required COVID-19 test for your final destination, performed at your point of origin.

If you are in transit and intend to enter Panama (leave the international area), you must have the requirements for entering the country. This includes the presentation of the COVID-19 Swab/PCR or antigen test certificate with negative result, performed up to 48 hours before the flight departure time.


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