How do i submit a feedback?

feeback.pngWe are always improving our content and user experience and appreciate the feedback you give us! But, please note  that although we check the comments you send us here, we do not answer them. If you need assistance or require a response, you must use the form that best fits your specific need from the following list:

Reservations and Refunds

  • please go to the Manage your Booking, or contact the Reservation Center.
  • If you need a quote for a new ticket, enter and select the origin, destination and desired dates to see the quote.
  • If you need to make a change to an existing ticket, contact the Reservation Center.
  • To request a refund for an unused ticket or if your flight has been cancelled and you want to check options to use the value pf your ticket click here.

Claim Missing Miles

  • As a ConnectMiles member you may request mileage credit for travel on flights operated by Copa Airlines, Copa Airlines Colombia, Star Alliance member airlines, and other partner airlines, if the miles have not posted to your member’s account within 15 days following the flight.  To request missing miles click here.

Other requests

  • If you want to apply a legal discount or you are tax, please make the request using the forms below:
  • To request the travel receipt of your ticket click here.
  • If made a mistake while purchasing your ticket and you need to make minor correction to your name on your ticket, click here.

Baggage Claim

  • If your baggage is delayed, please contact our Reservation Center to receive information about the delivery status. If you want to submit a claim about your delayed baggage, fill this form.
  • To submit a baggage claim for damages, fill this form.
  • To submit a baggage claim for missing items, fill this form.
  • To report items forgotten on board the aircraft when disembarking, please click here.

Claim or complaint

  • If you want to submit a claim or complaint , fill this form.

*Customer Service Department will respond the complaints/claims received through the form in a maximum response time of 15 days.


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