What are the measures that Copa Airlines has implemented in response to COVID-19?

We reinforce our hygiene and disinfection measures by complying with the requirements of national and international health authorities. We seek to guarantee you a safe travel experience.



COVID-19 prevention measures.

Below you will find a summary of our COVID-19 prevention measures.

At the airport

  • At the points of contact between our staff and passengers, we use high-performance disinfectants.
  • In most of the airports where we operate, we will have physical distance measures established by each country at the service points and hand sanitizer at different points of high traffic.
  • We have implemented additional hygiene measures and simplified the service to minimize physical contact.

Copa Club

  • Pre-packaged snacks in the buffet and self-service area with coffee and water dispensers
  • Simplified bar service: sodas, water, beer and wine, served in disposable cups.
  • We redistribute the seats keeping the physical distance established by the local authority.

Boarding process and in flight

  • Between each flight, a specialized team will perform a thorough cleaning of the interior of the aircraft with high-level products and electrostatic sprayer.
  • On board international flights, face mask is optional. If you are flying on a domestic flight in Panamá, the use of face mask is mandatory during the flight
  • Avoid going to the lavatory if you see a row of more than four people.
  • We do not offer special meal service on board our flights, except for gluten-free meals on flights to/from Argentina.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, it is very important that you remain seated waiting for your turn to leave the plane.



¿How does Copa Airlines clean its aircraft?

  • Cleaning in all areas of frequent passenger contact, restrooms and galleys every time the aircraft completes a flight.
  • Reinforced cleaning in windows, tables, armrests, belt buckles, overhead bins and entertainment centers.
  • Our cleaning kit includes hospital-level disinfectants, approved by Boeing approved with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, proven to be effective against coronavirus.


¿Could I get infected from the air in the aircraft?

Aircrafts have high-efficiency air circulation systems and air filters (HEPA), which regularly purify up to 99.97% of impurities in the air. Additionally, our aircrafts renew the air in the cabin approximately every three minutes.

At Copa Airlines, we’re committed to keeping you informed about the measures we’re taking to adjust our operations in response to the coronavirus. For more details on the measures being taken at each airport, we invite you to visit our COVID-19 Information Hub for more details.

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