PriceLock is a product with which you can book your airfare and complete your itinerary purchase 3 or 7 days later.

With PriceLock, you will be able to ask your travel companions and review your budget without having to worry about fare increases or losing your space on the flight.

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What is PriceLock price?

PriceLock prices vary by route, product, among others.

The PriceLock charge is applied to each person within the reservation at the time of selecting this option.



How can I pay for a reservation with Pricelock?

You can pay for your reservation made through Pricelock by following these steps:

▪ Visit Manage your reservation

▪ Enter your last name next to your reservation code

▪ Enter your payment information

Be sure to buy your ticket before the expiration period of the reservation; a countdown timer will tell you how much time is left.



Can I earn miles when I purchase PriceLock?

The passenger can accumulate miles for the trip, but will not accumulate miles for the PriceLock payment.



How can I make a reservation change with PriceLock?

Once the PriceLock is purchased, the confirmed reservation cannot be changed.

To make a modification you must cancel the PriceLock reservation and re-book the desired itinerary. Please note that making the change can lead to an increase in airfare.


Can I request a refund from PriceLock?

PriceLock fees are non-refundable and cannot be applied to the price of this ticket. Once an air ticket reservation has been processed through PriceLock, registration will be subject to normal fare rules.

If a ticket is refunded, the PriceLock fee will not be included in the return amount as this fee is non-refundable.


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