Copa Airlines wishes to provide the greatest peace of mind on your next trip, offering you better coverage and essential benefits so that you can enjoy peacefully.

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What kind of insurance does Copa Airlines offer?

To provide you with greater peace of mind while traveling, Copa Airlines offers travel insurance through our strategic partner Chubb.


When does the coverage begin?

The trip interruption and cancellation and the travel medical assistance coverage begin the moment you purchase the insurance. The remaining policies go into effect after you have gone through customs at the airport.


What if I lose my baggage and I have insurance?

We recommend that you notify your insurance company of the problems with your baggage. Contact the Central Assistance at the number listed on your policy.



What does the trip interruption or cancellation policy cover?

If you purchased travel insurance through our strategic partner Chubb, the policy provides coverage if faced with unforeseen circumstances such as flight cancellations, travel delays and misconnections and baggage losses.



Does the travel insurance policy cover if I have to cancel my trip unexpectedly?

If you purchased travel insurance through our strategic partner Chubb, the policy covers certain unforeseen circumstances. You can find a list of these circumstances in the coverage description.



What should I do if I need travel assistance or require coverage?

You must contact the assistance center detailed in the coverage certificate received, if your policy is: 

  • Issued by Chubb Panama or Colombia through:
    • Call center +1-305-721-3850
  • Issued by Chubb Mexico:
  • Issued by Chubb USA:
    • Call center 1 786 840 COPA (2672)
  • Rest of the countries:


What information do I need to provide for the coverages to apply?

It is important to have the insurance certificate number and the policyholder's details on hand.



What should I do in case of experiencing an emergency that prevents me from contacting the operations center?

You should call the local emergency phone number in the country where you are (911 or similar). Once the emergency has been addressed, you must get in touch with the Operations Center to report the incident. If applicable, you will need to cover the expenses, and upon returning to your home country, upon presentation of the invoice, the insurance company will reimburse you for the expenses applicable to the general conditions of the contracted coverage.



What should I do if I receive assistance, pay for the consultation, and haven't been able to inform the Assistance Center?

In this case, you should keep the original invoice for the service and later file a claim with the insurance company by calling the numbers detailed in the insurance certificate.


How should I register at a medical center if they ask me to fill out a form?

Any referral to a Medical Center must be coordinated through the assistance center. If you are asked to register in the emergency room, you should provide the policy number or the name of Chubb Seguros company.


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