What kind of entertainment do you have on board?

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing flight experience onboard our aircrafts, with an in-flight entertainment system with the most advanced technology.

Learn more about our in-flight entertainment on our On board experience section.



What is Copa Showpass?

Copa Showpass is our in-flight entertainment system that lets you enjoy movies, TV shows, magazines, and music on your personal devices (smartphones and tablets). You will be able to access this content through the Copa Airlines app or through the Copa.com website on your mobile devices, once you're connected to the onboard Wi-Fi network.

For additional información visit Entertainment on board section.



Does Copa Airlines offer any duty free service on board?

Copa Airlines does not offer duty free shopping services on board.



Does Copa Airlines offers internet services onboard?

At this time Copa Airlines does not offer internet access onboard of our aircrafts. According with our growth and continuous improvement, we keep up to date and evaluating different technological platforms that could help us enhance the travel experience of our passengers.

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