What service does Copa Airlines offer on board?

At Copa Airlines, thinking of your comfort, we offer you a complete on-board service on each flight.



What kinds of cabins does Copa Airlines offer?

For Copa Airlines is very important to offer to their passengers travel options that can fit their needs, this is the reason why onboard our aircrafts we offer a complete onboard service in the main cabin and in the Business class cabin.

At Copa Airlines when it refers to main cabin it means all the seats that are located in economy class. These seats are located from row number 5 in all our aircrafts that offer the Business Class Service.

If you want to know more about the amenities we offer during the flight, access the On board section.

What kind of onboard amenities does Copa Airlines offer?

Copa Airlines offers in-flight amenities depending on the destination, time and duration of your flight.

  • Food and beverages
  • Blankets for flights of 6 hours or more
  • Variety of movies for your entertainment and music channels on board.

How can I find out if my flight offers food and beverages?

On-board service varies depending on the destination, duration, and time of your flight.

For additional information access our Food and beverage service section.



Does Copa Airlines offer special meals on its flights?

The food and beverage service offered on board varies depending on the destination, duration and time of your flight.

If the special meal is available on your flight, you can request it up to 24 hours before departure, by contacting our Call Center or by visiting our Sales offices. You can also bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages to consume on board.

For additional information on the routes in which we offer special food service, access the Food and beverage service section.

Do you offer alcoholic beverages on board?

Copa Airlines offers a complimentary beer and wine bar service for passengers traveling in Business Class. 



Is smoking allowed onboard?

Smoking onboard Copa Airlines does not allow smoking of any kind on their flights. This includes electronic simulated smoking materials and smokeless cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are not allowed for being transported in your checked baggage. You can transport these devices in your caary-on baggage, as long as these items are not used or recharged onboard the aircraft.

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