Can I reserve or pre-select a seat?

Copa Airlines offer Advanced Seat Assignment. This product offers you the opportunity to secure a preferential seat inside the economic cabin for you and your companions, so that you can enjoy our world-class service from your favorite place.

The prices of the pre-selection of seats are dynamic and vary depending on the duration of the flight, the type of seat, the route, among others.

Important: At the moment we cannot receive payments for pre-selection of seats with miles.


We have the following types of seats:

  • Economy Extra: more legroom, reclining seats and reserved bin space for carry ons
  • Convenient: located on the front of the economy cabin with standard legroom and recline.
  • Emergency Exit: located in the middle of the plane, extra space for the legs, some are recline.
  • Regular: located at the back of the aircraft, they have regular leg and recline space.

In addition, you can pre-select your seat through the website:

  • During the purchase of your air ticket at
  • After the purchase of your ticket through the Manage Your Booking platform
  • 24 hours before your flight through the Web Check-In platform

You can also pre-select your seat through our Call Center and in our Sales offices.

For additional informaton visit Advanced Seat Asignment section.


How can I request a seat assignment at the emergency exits?

You can pre-select seats from the emergency exits for a fixed price in the My Trips section or during Web Check-In. Please note that the vast majority of emergency exit seats on our aircraft do not recline.

International regulations require that every passenger seated in a seat at the emergency exit meet some conditions or criteria:

  • Be willing to assist in evacuation.
  • Be 15 years of age or older.
  • You must not have any pre-existing conditions that could harm your person or prevent you from executing functions quickly and efficiently.
  • Having visual and / or hearing ability, you can use contact lenses, glasses or hearing aid devices.
  • Have the ability to read and understand printed / graphic instructions related to the evacuation of the aircraft, as well as the ability to understand the commands given by crew members in the language of the carrier (in the case of Copa Airlines, Spanish).
  • Have mobility or skill in both arms, hands, and legs.
  • Being able to physically operate an exit or any sliding mechanism: clear an exit from any obstructions, remove exit windows weighing 58lbs / 26kg, and exit the aircraft or assist others to exit.
  • You cannot travel with someone who requires special care such as a young child, an elderly or elderly person.
  • You cannot be traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator or other electronic medical item.
  • You cannot be traveling with a pet container or service animal.

Important: If for operational, security or service reasons we are unable to deliver the seat located at the emergency exit, you will be relocated to another available seat.



Can I seat my family together?

Copa Airlines allows you to select your seat and those of your companions during the purchase of your ticket.

You can select your seats, before your flight departure date, in the My Trips section to have full control of your reservation or even during Web Check-in. You can also contact our Call Center or visiting our Sales offices.



What happens if you did not pre-select a seat during the Web Check-In process?

If during the Web Check-In process you do not want to preselect a seat with cost, you can choose one without cost located in the back of the economic cabin. In case you decide not to select any of the above, the system will assign you a random seat to generate the boarding pass.

If after this you want to change your seat, you can do so by entering the Web Check-In again and selecting the seat of your preference.



Can I change the seat allocation of a reservation?

Copa Airlines allows you to select or make changes to your seating assignment by accessing the My Trips tab on the homepage or during Web CheckIn, where you are able to assign or change your seat according to availability and seat type.

You can also contact our Call Center to request the change for regular seat or buy an advanced seat assignment.

Please make sure to request the change with enough time prior to departure, as seat availability may vary.



Can I preselect a seat if I travel with a pet?

Yes, you can preselect a seat if you are traveling with a pet. However, for reasons of space restriction and security, you will not be able to preselect seats in row 5, nor in the Emergency Exit rows.

If your pet is a service animal, the passenger will be able to select row 5, however, due to government restrictions, you will not be able to select seats in the emergency rows.

In both cases, passengers will have the option of preselecting seats in the other rows depending on availability.



By acquiring the preselection of seats do I earn miles on ConnectMiles?

The passenger will accumulate miles for the trip made (current rules and policies of the ConnectMiles program apply), he will not accumulate miles for the payment of the preselection of seats.

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