How can I become a PreferMember?

Become a PreferMember by traveling in an eligible class on a flight operated by Copa Airlines, any member airline of the Star Alliance network or other partner airline.

  • You must accumulate the number of miles or qualifying segments you need to achieve a PreferMember status.
  • To achieve a PreferMember status, the member must have flown 4 of these segments with Copa Airlines or Copa Airlines Colombia.
  • Qualifying miles or segments that are earned from January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year apply.
  • PreferMember status will be valid from the date you qualified until the end of the following year.
  • When PreferMembers qualify for higher status, ConnectMiles will automatically recognize your new status, so that new benefits are in immediately.



What benefits do I receive if I become a PreferMember?

When you become a PreferMember, depending on the purchased rate, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater amount of hold baggage allowed
  • Preferential handling of baggage
  • Upgrades for you and for companions (if there is availability in class Z)
  • Preferential registration (check-in)
  • Preferential access to security control (at airports where available)
  • Preferential boarding
  • Preferential service telephone line
  • Access to VIP lounges
  • Selection of preferential seats
  • Benefits to passengers Star Alliance Silver and Gold.

For additional information, access the PreferMember Benefits section.



How many miles do I need to earn to qualify for a PreferMember status?

To achieve these statuses, you must accumulate the minimum number of miles or qualification segments (flown on Copa Airlines, Star Alliance member airlines and / or other associated airlines) and at least 4 flight segments must be performed in an eligible class and operated by Copa Airlines for one calendar year (January 1 to December 31) to achieve status.

The four statuses are: 

  • PreferMember Silver requires 25,000 miles or 20 segments
  • PreferMember Gold requires 45,000 miles or 40 segments
  • PreferMember Platinum requires 75,000 miles or 70 segments
  • PreferMember Presidential requires 95,000 miles or 90 segments.

To give members a greater opportunity to achieve aPreferMemberstatus, we have made adjustments to the qualification criteria for all levels for this year 2022.

For additional information visit PreferProgram Qualification section.



How many bonus miles will I receive based on my PreferMember status?

Once you reach a PreferMember status you will get bonus miles according to the status reached.
These miles do not qualify for status.



What is the mileage qualification period to reach a PreferMember status?

The qualification period is from January 1 to December 31 (calendar year), the status obtained and your benefits will be valid immediately upon reaching the status until the end of the qualification year and the following year.



Do the miles I earn using my co-branded credit card help me qualify for a PreferMember status?

No, only miles flown count as PreferMember status qualifying miles.

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