How do I pack my baggage correctly?

In order to ensure that your belongings are protected, we have provided a guideline on how to properly pack your baggage to ensure it arrives safely to its final destination.

Please visit our Tips About Your baggage for more information on how to pack your baggage correctly.




What is not considered as baggage?

The following items will not be accepted as baggage:

  • Baggage with protruding articles or in severely poor condition.
  • Baggage that exceeds maximum weight or size for the type of aircraft in which it will be transported.
  • Baggage with hazardous contents, including corrosive liquids and sharp objects without appropriate protection to prevent damage to other passengers' baggage in the cargo hold.
  • Dangerous merchandise including any restricted articles, with the exception of dry ice held in an appropriate container used to protect perishable items.
  • Excess baggage is subject to service charges and space availability.
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