How do I print my e-ticket receipt on Copa's website?

Copa Airlines allows passengers to print their airline tickets on through the My Trips platform. 
Here is a quick guide to printing your electronic receipt. We remind you that you must have a printer connected to your computer in order to print.

  1. Go to the My Trips section of and click on the "Go to My Trips" button, where you will be redirected to the platform page.
  2. Enter your reservation code or ticket number, followed by the last name that appears on the electronic receipt you wish to print. 
  3. Click on the "Send Receipt" icon located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  4. Enter the email address where you would like to receive your receipt and click the "Send Receipt" button.
  5. Go to your e-mail address, where you will receive a message from Copa Airlines, with your receipt attached.
  6. Open the attached file, click on the "File" button located on the upper left side of your screen, and scroll down the list of options until you find the option to print.  Also, remember that if you wish to obtain your boarding pass hours before your flight, you can print it out by registering through the Web Check-In.
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