Our crew members onboard will provide assistance to customers who required help in the following situations:

  • Going to and leaving their seat during boarding and deboarding, respectively.
  • Going to the bathroom and returning to their seat while on the airplane.
  • During food preparation, including opening packages and identifying items.
  • Our onboard crew cannot help with any medical services, in the bathroom, with meals or feeding as such.

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Do you have safety instruction cards in Braille?

Every Copa Airlines airplane has safety instruction cards in Braille for sight-impaired customers. Our onboard crew will also provide individual safety instructions for passengers needing special assistance prior to take-off.

Please let a member of our staff at the boarding gate know if you require this information so that they may relay your request to the onboard crew.



Can I have wheelchair service provided by your airline?

Thinking in our customer’s needs, Copa Airlines does offer wheelchair service at our airport counters. To better assist you with this special need, please request this service at least 24 hours prior to your departure flight. You can do this by calling our Call Center.

For additional information, visit our Wheelchair section. 



Do you offer the SENADIS discount?

As established by the Law 134 of December 31, 2013, Copa Airlines provides a 25% discount to passengers in Panama with special needs, who properly identify themselves with their credential of SENADIS (Secretaria Nacional de Discapacidad) that certifies them as a person with special needs.

When the person with a disability is certified by this entity, will be creditor of an identification card, with which they can demand the benefits established in the Law.



Do I have to let the airline know I am traveling with a handicapped person/child/kid/elderly person?

For Copa Airlines, customers with certain conditions are considered priority passengers. If you are pregnant or traveling with a passenger that has special needs, this information will be of great importance to us. Upon arrival at the check-in counter, please let us know if you require any special assistance. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. For more information, visit our Priority passengers section.

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