If you are traveling with special assistance items, wheelchairs or any of their components, you have the option of transporting them on board or in the hold of the aircraft.

If you choose to carry the assistance item on board, it can be stored in the overhead compartments or under the seat, in accordance with the provisions of the guidelines for the transport of items on board.


What special aids can I register in addition to my bags?

Copa Airlines allows for the storage, handling, and transportation of special aid devices for passengers with special needs both in Business Class and in the Main Cabin, as long as the passenger depends on them.

These aid devices may be:

  • Crutches
  • Cushions
  • Orthopedic devices
  • Walking canes
  • Walkers
  • Prosthesis
  • Wheelchairs and their batteries (in the case that they are used).

Can I transport a pacemaker?

To travel with a radioisotope-based cardiac pacemaker you must bring a medical certificate, certifying that you have a pacemaker and that the device is working properly.

For additional information and a complete list of special medical conditions, visit Special Medical Conditions.


Can I carry insulin in my carry-on?

Medication may be carried on. In order to have it onboard, a notification from a physician is required. However, if they exceed the maximum amount, they must be declared to the TSA or inspection personnel.

For additional information, visit our Not allowed or restricted items section for a complete list of what is/is not allowed in carry-on and/or checked baggage.



Can I carry medical oxygen with me?

Only FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators may be carried and used on board Copa Airlines flights. Portable oxygen concentrators are considered medical aids.

For more information, visit our Medical oxygen onboard section.

Note: Personal medical devices that utilize liquid oxygen (T) are not allowed under any circumstances.

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