Can I bring a service or emotional support animal in the cabin?

Copa Airlines only allows dogs as service and emotional support animal on board to assist customers. Service or emotional support dogs accompanying individuals with a disability or special needs are permitted in the airplane cabin free of charge. 

Copa Airlines transports dogs as service and emotional support animals on board under certain conditions:

  • Service dogs are accepted on all routes.
  • Emotional support dogs are accepted only on routes where they are recognized by the country's regulations: to or from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. If you are traveling on other routes, you may request our pet in cabin service or Copa Pets.
  • If the dog is too big to fit at your feet, Copa Airlines will assigned a seat with additional space, if possible. If this is not possible, you may purchase an extra seat in order to have additional floor space to accommodate the dog in front of or next to your seat, but not on the seats.

To learn more about service and emotional support animals handling on Copa Airlines, visit the service and emotional support animal section.

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