Can I bring bottles of alcoholic beverages?


  • Only in containers of up to 100ml or 3.4 oz are allowed in carry-on bag.
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased in airport duty free stores, are allowed to be carried on board planes. They must be packaged in a sealed, tamper-evident container and show satisfactory proof that the article was purchased in the airport duty free stores on the day of travel, both for passengers departing from an airport and passengers in transit. These items are considered personal items and each passenger may carry one personal item in addition to their carry-on baggage allowance.


  • Liquor bottles are allowed in checked baggage as long as they do not exceed five (5) liters per adult passenger.

Important: When traveling to the United States, passengers are allowed to take liquids, gels, liquor and/or aerosol bottles as carry-on baggage if purchased in the duty free stores in the Tocumen International Airport in Panama. If articles are purchased in other airports, they will have to be checked upon arrival in Panama due to its being the final point of departure to the United States.

For additional information, visit our Not-allowed or restricted items section for a complete list on what is/is not allowed in carry-on or in checked baggage.

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