Where can I view your flight timetables?

In the View timetables section, you will find all the Inbound and Outbound flight options available in Copa Airlines, organized by departure time, arrival time or flight duration, so you may choose the one which is the best for your travel plans.



Where can I find information about the different airport terminals where Copa Airlines operates?

Due to the large number of cities where Copa Airlines operates its flights around the American Continent, occasionally due to regulations from the administrations of the airports where we operate, it is necessary to change the arrival and departure terminals for our flights. Contact our Call Center for additional information. 

Copa Airlines maintains important strategic alliances for your benefit, along with our partners; we connect you to many cities around the world. We invite you to visit the Star Alliance Airports Information section, where you can obtain information about the airports where all Star Alliance members operate.



Can I see if my flight is departing on time?

In the Flight Status section, you will be able to review if your flight is operating as originally scheduled.



Where can I find information about the weather of the city I'm traveling to?

With your comfort in mind, our website has a Weather section to help you prepare for your trip.

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