How do I earn miles on ConnectMiles?

You can earn miles as follows:

  1. Taking flights on Copa Airlines, the member airlines of the Star Alliance network and the associated airlines, for this, you only need to put your ConnectMiles number when making your reservation, and make sure it appears on your boarding pass at the time of check-in and that your name is the same as that of the ConnectMiles account. The miles you earn will be credited days after your trip has been completed.
  2. Additional you can earn miles by using the co-branded credit cards or by converting your "bank points" (if applicable).
  3. When staying at our partners associated hotels.
  4. When renting a car with one of the associated car rental companies.
  5. Through the purchase of miles.
  6. In Panama through our local partners

For additional information access the section Other ways.

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