Where do I access information regarding my delayed luggage?

In case your baggage is not received upon arrival, please initiate a claim by contacting a Copa Airlines service representative at the airport. You will be issued a claim number as evidence of your report, which you can use for follow-up purposes. If you have already departed from the airport, kindly submit your claim online within 24 hours of your flight's arrival here. This prompt action will enable us to initiate the search process swiftly.

What's Next?

You can expect updates regarding the status of your baggage search within 5 days. If you do not receive any updates during this period, please reach out to our Contact Center for assistance.

The baggage search process can extend up to 21 days. Throughout this process, we will maintain contact with you to provide status updates on the search. Moreover, you have the option to furnish additional details that could aid in identifying and locating your baggage. If your travel itinerary includes flights operated by other airlines, please direct your baggage delay claim to the airline that operated the flight to your final destination.

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