How many bags can I bring with me?


You can bring on board:

CarryOn.png Personal_Item.png

One carry-on bag

  • Maximum weight of 10 kilos (22 pounds).
  • Can measure up to 46 linear inches (118 cm), i.e. the sum of height + length + width.
  • Must be placed in the overhead compartment.

One personal item

  • It can measure up to 36 linear inches (90 cm) 17'' high + 10'' long + 9'' wide (43 cm high + 25 cm long + 22 cm wide).
  • Must be placed under the seat in front of you.


Items brought to the boarding gate in excess of your carry-on policy are subject to being checked and charged as additional baggage, per your ticket’s baggage allowance policy. In the event that the passenger refuses or does not have the ability to pay for the additional bags, Copa Airlines will not be responsible nor deliver bags left behind at gates, which will be turned over to the airport authorities.


In an effort to minimize physical interactions, we ask that your carry-on bag be light enough so that you may lift it and stow it on your own in our overhead compartments, without need of assistance.



Your checked baggage allowance depends on the date of your flight, purchased fare and Prefer Member status.

For complete information about your baggage allowance, fees that may apply if you carry extra bag, overweight or oversized baggage, please visit our checked baggage policy.


If you are traveling to Cuba,
The baggage allowance on your flight to Cuba is as follows:

  • Passengers traveling in business class: 2 pieces of 32kg (70lb) each, regardless of PreferMember status.
  • Passengers traveling in Main Cabin: 2 pieces of 23kg (50lb) each, regardless of PreferMember status.
  • No extra pieces, overweight or oversized items will be allowed.



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