Which travel requirements do I need?

At Copa Airlines we always recommend you check with the relevant authorities of the country you are traveling to, to make sure you have all the requirements needed to travel. Each passenger is responsible for all necessary travel documents including passport, visas, tourist cards, vaccination certificate and any other additional or special document required by law or regulations in force in the countries of departure, destination or transit.

Requirements and recommendations:

  • Several countries have established specific travel requirements and entry restrictions due to COVID-19, check the travel requirements of your destination.
  • It is very important for you to verify the health requirements requested by each country, before you start your trip. All passengers are advised to be aware of their immunization and health history. Specifically, before purchasing a ticket, passengers should confirm whether they have an International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever, primarily if they are traveling to countries where yellow fever is endemic.
  • Dual Nationality: a person can be a national or citizen of two (or more) countries and therefore can have more than one passport or any other travel document. If you have dual nationality, you are entitled to travel with any of these documents, provided that they are accepted by the country of destination. You must use one passport for the entire trip.
  • Economic solvency is required by the immigration authorities at the time of your arrival in the country where you are traveling.

Please verify your migratory, health and biosafety requirements, visit the Travel Requirements section.

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