Which travel requirements do I need?

Copa Airlines recommends that you always check with the pertinent authorities of the country of origin, transit, and destination to make sure you have all the immigration and health requirements necessary to travel.
Each passenger is responsible for all the necessary documents such as: passport, visa, tourist card, international vaccination certificate and any additional requirements or documents.

Take into account that:

  • In addition to immigration and health requirements, several countries have established requirements for COVID19.

  • We recommend that you be aware of your vaccination and health history, specifically the International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate before purchasing your air ticket, especially if you travel to yellow fever endemic countries.
  • Economic solvency is required by the immigration authorities.



Do I have to fill out a health form to leave my country or enter the country of destination?

Several countries have established entry requirements and restrictions due to COVID-19, including completing a form or Health Declaration detailing your health status and recent trips.

Please verify your migratory, health and biosafety requirements, visit the Travel Requirements section.



What is the International Certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever?

It is very important for you to verify the health requirements requested by each country, before you start your trip with Copa Airlines. All passengers are advised to be aware of their immunization and health history. Specifically, before purchasing a plane ticket, passengers should confirm whether they have an International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever, primarily if they are traveling to countries where yellow fever is endemic.

Copa Airlines always recommends that passengers contact the appropriate authorities in their destination country, to ensure that they comply with all travel health requirements. In accordance with the International Health Regulations, countries have the right to require a vaccination certificate to travelers from areas of high risk of yellow fever transmission. The Regulation is a legally binding instrument to stop the spread of infectious diseases and other health threats.



When I travel, when do I need to have a return ticket leaving the country?

All countries to which Copa Airlines flies to, require passengers that are not legal residents or citizens of the country they are traveling to as tourists to have proof of transportation exiting the country visited. It can be an airplane, ferry, bus, cruise ship ticket or any other type of transportation.

Copa Airlines recommends that you always check with the relevant authorities in the country of departure, transit and destination to ensure that you have all the necessary immigration and health requirements for travel.  



Under what conditions must be my passport to travel?

We recommend you to be aware of the physical condition of their travel documents.

Each country establishes its own entry requirements for visitors (these requirements are not the same for all destinations). Passengers should contact the immigration authorities in the countries they plan to visit, because some countries require that passports be valid for a certain number of months or have a certain number of blank pages.

To avoid problems with immigration authorities, travel documents should be in good condition:

  • The cover of your passport should not have any visible damage.
  • The photograph and information on your travel document should be clearly legible, with no erasures or alterations of any kind.
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